Monday, 5 March 2012

It irks me when you say FML

We have all had bad days, and I'm sure some have had more then others. I admit I find whining weak, if not annoying, no and annoying, no ifs about it. So that is probably where this rant is coming from.

The term FML translates to 'Fuck My Life' I see this in status updates daily on facebook, on blog post and in text messages. Yes your car is broken, no your life doesn't need to get fucked. What your ex-boyfriend of two years is getting married, you feel so horrid about him moving on you say FML in the next 12 text messages. In my head I silently wonder if GOD may screw with your life a little more for your selfishness. Very unkind and un supportive of me.

The term never use to bother me to much, It was just three little letters, describing how you were feeling at this moment. Truly though my change in mentality happened in a moment and over time.

Someone incredibly close to me, is struggling to the very edge. Her family is fighting for a child, who they have had since he was a baby, he is almost in grade school now. He has being in the process of adoption for years. Now imagine looking at your baby who you have protected loved and fought for and giving him to the person who nearly destroyed him. To me that is a mind consuming problem one that might warrant self pity. Oddly though she stays strong, she gets worn down by the daily battles of caring for a child with as many health  and behaviour problems as this child but she adapts her life, plans for the future, trudges along, searching for the light. She doesn't wallow in the problems or search for sympathy.

Now that touched me and had me updating my life with quotes about the strong and brave. It was hard to support her and watch her struggles and see someone post "FML the power is out". Seriously the power is out your whining because of a temporary power outage that is sure to be fixed within a few hours.... I felt like commenting GTFU (Grow the F*&^ up). but I don't generally curse on social sites, in my mind it's a little tacky.

But what changed me forever, was during a Pinterest session. A 'Pinterest session" is defined as; minutes to hours lost perusing photos of crafty, inspiring, or funny things on a website know as Pinterest. Definition made up by me.

During said session I came across this photo. I have searched and searched for the original link but have not found it. It is said to have originated here which has amazing photos which also ate up alot of my time:)

Needless to say this photo took my breath away. This persons troubles are so bad that to protect their own feet he fashioned shoes out of woven grass and flattened water bottles. Talk about struggles and troubles. Yet to keep moving through his life he found a solution.

Life is a gift. It isn't always easy, In fact for most of the planet it is incredibly heartbreaking surrounded by war, oppression, poverty, famine and hurt.

When I look at this I feel guilt for having it so good. And you should too.

The term FML should be abolished. Don't feel sorry for yourself unless you are making your own shoes out of garbage.

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