Monday, 5 March 2012

I'm not a hippy!

Occasionally I'm reffered to as a granola loving hippy, by people who claim to be my friends. Because I (pictured below) do a lot of stuff at home.

"Like what?" you say, well it sure isn't folding laundry, that stuff can stay on the playroom couch till its worn used or trampled on and needs to be washed again.

examples of thing I like to do my self;
  • cheese
  • laundry soap
  • grind flour
  • make home made breads, almost daily (flat breads, ciabattas, sourdoughs, pitas, just about anything)
  • art supplies for my kids
  • liquid handsoap
  • just about anything to clean my house
  • butter
  • canning
  • yogurt
  • sourcream
  • granola (teehee such a hippie)
  • dog food
I'm sure there is many more things I may like to do myself. My reasons for doing them myself vary for each chore. I get asked almost weekly  for details of how I do it or my recipes, so I have decided to start providing, instructions written, pictures, and videos.

So stayed tuned:)

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